Accounting Connectors

Browse your excel file and import all the data into GST Software

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Accounting Connectors

KDK GST Software allows for seamless data sync with all popular accounting applications so the users can seamlessly use GST Software along with their existing accounting or billing application.

Users using Tally, can continue using Tally for their accounting needs whereas for GST compliance such as uploading invoices to GST, filing returns and reporting, they can use KDK GST Software.

The data can be imported into GST Software through two routes:

Excel Import : Export all your sales data and purchase data into excel files from tally. Go to GST returns filing feature of GST Software and click on import. Browse your excel file and import all the data into GST Software.

Automatic : 2-way Data Integration using Connectors: Download the Java Utility, once implemented, it will be reflected under the gateway of Tally as KDK GST Software. The connectors will allow 2-way data integration between Tally and GST software, users will be able to push data to GST Software platform from Tally and import the data back to Tally from GST Software platform. All this happens on real time basis without any manual intervention