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You can view your Account Status and get to know about various information related to your account. You can see your plan details, which will tell you how many E-Way Bills you can generate in your current plan and how many have you already generated. This is where you get our Support/Help Centre details, Module details and System Information.

Just click on "Express GST" in the "Gateway to Tally" menu bar and click on "Account status".

View Account Status

Get Reports on Pending E-Way Bills, Generated E-Way Bills and Cancelled E-Way Bills also has a reporting function where you can view E-Way Bill reports. This will give you a variety of information in one place, and in a few clicks of buttons. You need to go to
  1. Incomplete/Mismatch Information: - Here you can view the invoices against which some information related to E-Way Bill are pending. You can click on "information" and update the information or rectify them, in case of a mismatch.
  2. Pending for E-Way Bill: - You will also get to see the list of invoices for which you have entered the E-Way Bill related information in vouchers but have not generated the E-Way Bills yet. By clicking on this report, you will get the list of invoices for which E-Way Bill related information has been filled, but the E-Way Bill has not yet been generated. You can click on any particular invoice and proceed to generate the E-Way Bill for that particular voucher.
  3. Exported for E-Way Bill: - The Exported for E-Way Bill gives you a list of invoices which contain the updated information related to E-Way Bill (E-Way Bill no. and E-Way Bill Date).
  4. E-Way Bill not required for: - You will also get a list of invoices which have been excluded by you for E-Way Bill purposes. These are the vouchers against which you don’t feel the need to generate an E-Way Bill.
    E-Way Bill reports

How to Sign Out from and NIC Portal?

  1. Go to "Gateway of Tally" menu > Click on "Express GST" > Click on the "GST Sign Out" on the Tally button bar.
  2. Once you click on the button you will Sign Out from both and NIC Portal.
Sign Out from and NIC Portal

Option to Disable E-Way Bill generation

There may be occasions when you create a voucher but would like to generate the E-Way Bill later. There is an option to disable the E-Way Bill generation at the time of voucher creation and then generate it as per the convenience and requirement. To enable this option, you have to follow the following steps,

Go to the "Gateway of Tally" menu → Select "Accounting Vouchers" → Select "Sales Voucher/Purchase Voucher" → Click on F12 → Save "Export E-Way Bill details from invoice" as "No".

This selection is a one-time process.
  • When you create a voucher and enter the information in the yellow dialogue box regarding E-Way Bill, the voucher will be saved.
  • This saved voucher will later appear in the E-Way Bill report as "Pending for E-Way Bill".

*What are Part-A and Part-B:

The E-Way Bill consists of two parts, named Part-A and Part-B. Part-A contains details like recipient’s GSTIN, invoice/challan number, HSN code, place of delivery, goods value etc. Part-B, on the other hand, contains transporter’s details which are used to generate the E-Way Bill. You or your transporter can use the Part-A if you have the transaction details but yet to receive the exact transport details. In other words, you can enter the invoice details in Part A of E-Way Bill and keep it ready for entering details of the mode of transportation in Part B of E-Way Bill.

When you select to fill Part A only, some fields will remain disabled and you will not be able to enter information in them. These fields are,
  1. Mode of transport
  2. Vehicle number
  3. Vehicle Type
  4. Doc/Lading /RR/Airway No.
  5. Date
The process of generating an E-Way Bill can be completed only when Part-B is entered. The Part-A alone is invalid for movement of goods. Filling up of Part-B of the E-Way Bill is a must for movement of the goods unless the movement is within the same state and the movement is within a distance fewer than 50 Kms. Thus, it is only when you select Part-A AND Part-B that you can generate E-Way Bill will be generated.

The validity of the E-Way Bill – Validity of the E-Way Bill starts when Part-B is filed. The duration of the validity of the E-Way Bill depends on the distance that the goods will travel to complete the movement. In the case of regular vehicle or transportation modes, a day’s validity is provided for every 100 KMs or part thereof. And in case of Over Dimensional Cargo vehicles, a day’s validity is available for every 20 KMs or part thereof. The validity expires on the midnight of the last day.

Type of Transportation Movement of Goods E-Way Bill's Validity
Over dimensional cargo vehicle Less Than 20 Kilometres 1 Day
For every additional 20 Kilometres or part thereof additional 1 Day
Regular vehicle or transportation mode Less Than 100 Kilometres 1 Day
For every additional 100 Kilometres or part thereof additional 1 Day