Cancellation of E-Way Bill from Tally

At times, there is a requirement of cancellation of E-Way Bill. Currently, E-Way Bill can be cancelled for following reasons:

  1. When goods are not transported or
  2. If Goods are not transported as per the details furnished in the E-Way Bill.

By when E-Way bill will be cancelled?

E-Way Bill can be cancelled within 24 hours from the time of generation E-Way Bill.

Process to cancel E-Way Bill:

Cancellation of E-Way Bill is simple! All you need to do is select respective invoice and click on "Cancel EWB"
E-Way Bill can be cancelled from tally in following ways:

Option 1: Cancel E-Way Bill via e-Way Bill Report:

  1. In Gateway of Tally, click on " and select e-Way Bill Report from menu bar".
  2. Select Exported for E-Way Bill and Select the E-Way Bill which you need to cancel and Click on "Cancel EWB" Button in button bar.
  3. Select the Reason from "List of Reasons"
  4. Click enter and your E-Way Bill get cancelled and status will be auto update in the invoice.

Option 2:Cancel E-Way Bill via Invoice:

  1. Open Invoice for which you already generate E-Way Bill and you want to cancel that E-Way Bill.
  2. Go to "Provide GST/e-Way Bill details" and select "Yes"
  3. You will see the "Cancel EWB" in button bar
  4. Select the Reason and Press enter, and your E-Way Bill get cancelled
  5. Status will be auto update in your invoice