E-Way Bill Tally Plugin

A plugin is a special feature software component which can be attached to an existing computer program. E-Way Bill Tally Plugin is a plugin which can be attached to Tally, India’s most popular accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. E-Way Bill Tally Plugin seamlessly integrates with Tally to enable the users to generate E-Way Bill. Thus, it is essentially, a quick utility setup using which the user generates E-Way Bill through Tally, in less than a minute!

Who uses the E-Way Bill Tally Plugin?

E-Way Bill must be generated whenever a registered person* causes a movement of goods of over a certain value (presently Rs. 50,000) or when you transport goods up to 50 KM.During movement of goods as mentioned above, one of the following documents is required, with the E-Way Bill No. mentioned in them.
  1. Tax Invoice
  2. Delivery Challan
  3. Bill of Supply
E-Way Bill can be generated with relative ease through Tally, as the E-Way Bill Tally Plugin helps you to generate the E-Way Bill in less than a second while staying within Tally.

Who uses the E-Way Bill Tally Plugin?

If you have generated E-Way Bill you would know that it involves multiple logins, switching between portals, and of course, some waiting time as well. Let’s look at how the E-Way Bill Tally Plugin makes life easier for you,
  1. No need of a separate login and manual data feeding in the NIC portal.
  2. You can generate an E-Way Bill and get it directly in your invoices. Not only can you generate the E-Way Bill within Tally, but you can get print outs too.
  3. E-Way Bill is generated from the Tally platform with a single click, thus eliminating data entry.
  4. The plugin is updated with built-in validations for error-free E-Way Bill generation.
  5. It saves time! A few seconds and a few clicks are all it takes to get your E-Way Bill.
  6. You will get SMS and Email Notification on your registered mobile and email id whenever you generate an E-Way Bill.

How can I use it?

Yes, you can use the E-Way Bill Tally Plugin. All you need is,
  1. A licensed Tally software installed in your system and the version should be Tally release 6.4.9 or above,
  2. And the E-Way Bill Tally Plugin