Express Invoice

Now you can share your sales invoice with your customer from tally itself in real time in a single click

Let's have a look, how you can share it:

  1. Go to Gateway of Tally >> "Accounting Voucher".
  2. Create a Sales voucher and save the invoice.
  3. While saving Invoice, Following pop up will be shown "Do you want to share invoice with Buyer via e-Mail & SMS using "Express GST"?
  4. As soon as you click on "Yes", E-mail and SMS will be sent to your customer.

Case 1

There might be situation that E-mail, and mobile number is not entered in Tally so you can enter these details by follow these steps:
  1. Open Customer ledger
  2. Press "F12" and enter "Yes" on "Provide contact details"
  3. You can enter Mobile number E-mail and CC to (if any)
  4. Save the details

Case 2

  1. There also might be a situation that you don’t want to share Invoice at that point of time and you press "No". So, don't worry, you can share that invoice at any point of time by simply follow these steps:
    1. Go to "Gateway of Tally"
    2. Click on "Express GST"
      Express Invoice
    3. In others, click on "Express Invoice"
    4. All the Pending invoices on which you press “No” while sharing invoice will be seen here
    5. Select invoice and click on “Share invoice” from button bar
    6.  You can see all the invoice whether shared or not with customer by clicking on "Show All"
  1. Sometimes it may happen that you don’t have to bother any of the customer or you don’t have to share invoices for a period of time so you can disable this function:
    1. Go to "Gateway of Tally"
    2. Press "F11" and then "F6"
    3. Enter "Yes" on Do not Use "Express Invoice"