Generating E-way Bills

Now that the E-Way Bill Tally Plugin is in place, you can generate your first E-way Bill using E-way Bill Tally plugin. Let’s now have a look at the things you need to do to start generating E-way bills,

Enabling the feature of E-way Bill.

To enable E-way Bill feature in your Tally you must first activate the feature. Open your Tally and follow the below path/navigation,

Gateway of Tally > F11 > Statutory and taxation > Set Alter GST Details

In the “Set Alter GST Details” page, select "Yes" on "E-way bill applicable". Thereafter, enter the Applicable Date, Threshold Limit and the Applicability for Intrastate.
Once you are through with the above procedure, you will notice provide GST/E-Way Bill Details in your voucher page. This signifies that E-way bill feature is now enabled in your Tally.

Enable GSP & GST Software Login

Now, to get the ball rolling in this exercise of generating Tally driven E-way bills, the login process must be done on two different platforms. One log in would be in the GST Software and the other would, of course, be the GSP Login.

Talking of GST software log in, do you have the login credentials? It may be possible that,

  1. You are creating your account in for the first time
  2. Or you are logging in with your login credentials of

Let’s consider both the scenarios in before we move on to the NIC login.

Creation of Account in

Already having login Credentials of

If you have the account already created, you are now ready with the login credentials required to log in to
 Select Registration > For GSP with the login credentials

All Set to Generate E-way Bills

The next step is to actually generate E-Way bill through invoice.
  1. In the Gateway of Tally go to “Accounting Voucher”
  2. Create a voucher and provide the information that is mandatory for E-way Bill. This information includes E-way bill details, transporter details, consignor details and consignee details
     Select Registration > For GSP
    Process for generating E-Way Bill through Invoice
  3. After saving the invoice you will get a message to generate E-way bill
     Select Registration > For GSP
    Get a message to generate E-way bill
  4. As soon as you click on "Yes", the E-way Bill number and date is automatically updated in the Invoice for which the E-way Bill is generated.
  5.  Select Registration > For GSP
    Generate e Way Bill

Watch Video to see the Complete Process