GST Ready Invoice

GST Invoice helps you to Create & Send invoices for your customers and keeps you updated with all the Outstanding & Compliance requirements.

With GST Software Invoice feature, You can

  1. Sync Client masters from Spectrum, Zen IT, Zen TDS, Billing or e-AIR directly to
  2. GSTSoftware Invoice Helps you
    1. GST Ready Invoices
    2. Create Invoice with your Logo
    3. Send Invoice Directly from
    4. Track Outstanding of Your clients
    5. Auto Calculation of Tax

Import/Sync your Client to GST Invoice

Step 1 – Sign Up / Sign in

It may be possible that,

You are creating your account in for the first time OR you are Signing in with your login credentials of

Let’s consider both the scenarios:

Scenario 1 - Sign Up in
  1. In KDK software screen (Spectrum, Zen IT, Zen TDS, Billing or e-AIR), Click on the Sign up /Sign In tab in "GST Ready Invoice" page.
  2. Name: In this field, enter the name that you want to use on your account.
  3. E-Mail Id: Enter the unique E-mail ID that you intend to use for correspondence.
  4. Mobile Number: Enter the valid 10 digits mobile number that you intend to use for all communication.
  5. City: Select your city from the list of cities.
  6. Password: Enter the password that contains at least 6 characters.
  7. Select Plan: Here you select the Plan from the dropdown list and agree to Terms and conditions.
  8. Click on register, after entering all the above information, you can now navigate to the "Email OTP" pop up screen.
  9. You will receive the One Time Password (OTP) on the registered email address, the one that you entered in point (ii) above. In case you haven’t received the OTP on your email ID, you can request for the OTP to be resent, on the same screen.
Scenario 2 - Already having login Credentials of

If you have the account already created, you are now ready with the login credentials required to Sign in to in KDK Software/Spectrum.

Step 2- POB Creation:

Place of Business or POB as commonly referred, is the primary location within the State where a taxpayer's business is performed. Additional Place of business is the place of business where taxpayer carries out business related activities within the State, in addition to the Principal Place of Business.

After successfully Sign up/Sign in, create POB by Signing in

  1. First You are required to create Company > GSTIN > Place of Business (POB)
  2. Let’s guide you how to create company, GSTIN and POB:
    1. Click on add company from home screen and provide Company Information as follows:
      1. Company Code* - Any Unique ID, by which you would like to Identify your Company.
      2. Company / Legal Entity Name* - Enter your Company/ Legal entity name.
      3. PAN– Enter your PAN number.
      4. Type of entity* - Basis on your company type, you can select the Entity.
      5. Business Type* - Select business type from Drop down list.
      6. CIN - CIN number is required to fill if you are Private limited company , one person company, Foreign company registered in India, public limited company and unlimited company.
      7. Company Logo – Upload your company logo.
    2. Next step to enter your Company GSTIN details (If any) – You can skip this, if your do not have the GSTIN no.
      1. GSTIN* - Enter your GSTIN. Verify your GSTIN number and below field will be auto filled.
      2. GSTIN User name* - Enter Your GSTIN User name.
      3. Trade name* - Auto filled by entering GSTIN .
      4. Mobile No.* - Enter your Mobile number.
      5. Email address* - Enter Email Id.
      6. Average turnover in preceding FY – Enter your average turnover belongs to preceding financial year.
      7. Aggregate turnover Apr-June 2017 - Enter aggregate turnover of Apr-June 2017 .
      8. Registration Effective date* - Auto filled by entering GSTIN.
      9. Type of Registration*- Auto filled by entering GSTIN.
        • If you want to change any field then you can change it as all above field is editable field.
    3. Next step to enter your Place of business details:
      1. Place name* - Enter your place name from where you conducted your Business/ practice.
      2. GSTIN -Enter GSTIN (If any).
      3. Office/Work/Flat No. – Enter your Office / Work / Flat No.
      4. Building Name - Enter Building name .
      5. Street – Enter street name where your building is situated.
      6. Area – Enter Area of your business place.
      7. City – Enter City from where your business is conducted.
      8. State* - Select your state from drop down list.
      9. Pin code* - Enter Pin code of your city.
      10. Transaction Start Date* - Select date from where your business is started or transactions is started.
      11. Contact details:
        1. - Mobile Number*- Enter contact number.
        2. - Email Id* - Enter Email Id .

Step 3 - Sync client master data:
  1. To Sync Client Master, Click on the "Sync Client Master" on the Home Screen of Spectrum, Zen IT, Zen TDS, Billing or e-AIR.
  2. The existing client master list which is created will be visible for syncing the data.
  3. Select the client master which you want to sync with
  4. After selection of clients, you have to sign in by entering sign in credentials of
  5. All the POBs which is created in will be shown and select the POB in which client master’s data is to be mapped.
  6. After Clicking on "Next" all the Client master’s will be sync / exported in
  7. You will see the selected client master in "Customer Tab" in
  8. Customer masters can be view and delete from
  • Now you are ready to generate the invoice from

Step 4 - Creation of invoice:
  1. Go to and Sign in with GSTSoftware credentials.
  2. Select company / POB for which you want to create invoices and Click on "Go To DASHBOARD"
  3. Select type of Invoice (Sales or Purchase) you want to generate.
  4. Select Sub type from Drop down list and start creating invoice.

Let’s guide you which type of invoices can be created from Read more!

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