Verify GSTIN

You can verify the GSTIN of your parties and eliminate the error for compliances. Just you have to enter your party GSTIN and click on Validate button.

Options to verify your GSTIN in Tally:

  1. On Ledger creation page,
    1. When you create ledger in Tally
    2. You will see the button of "Validate"
    3. Enter your party GSTIN and click on "Validate" button
    4. Details* related to that GSTIN will be shown in popup in Tally itself.
  2. On invoice supplementary details
    1. When you create invoice, in supplementary details you have to enter GSTIN of your Party
    2. Click on "Validate" and you will see the details of that GSTIN in your Tally popup
  3. On Multi ledger reports:
    1. In Gateway of Tally, click on
    2. Select Update Party GSTIN and Name of Group
    3. Select "Name of Ledger"
    4. Click on Validate button and details related to GSTIN will be shown in pop up
  4. *Following are the details /information will be shown after entering your party GSTIN:
    1. Legal name of Company
    2. Date of registration
    3. Tax payer type
    4. Status