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Upload, Reconcile, eSign Invoices and submit all GSTRs from GSTR1 to GSTR9 in to GSTN with secured GST APIs

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GST Compliance & Accounting

With many changes to how businesses account for their purchases, sales and calculations of input tax credits, KDK GST Software makes it easy and fast for your business in transition to being fully GST compliant. Explore some of the features of KDK GST Software below that makes GST compliance easy:

Compliance Monitoring

A unique interface & compliance calendar, which provides all financial information and compliance reminders at a glance per month

Push to GSTN & file returns securely

Upload, Reconcile, eSign Invoice and submit all GSTRs from GSTR1 to GSTR9 in to GSTN with secured GST APIs

Tax Validation Engine

Ensures 100% accuracy with tax validation engine for all products and services based on place of supply rules and place of service rules. KDK GST Software auto validates all the data uploaded and verifies compliance with GST principles

Input Tax Credits

Calculate accurate ITCs with invoice reconciliation and vendor management. KDK GST Software will calculate the ITCs with matched, recognised invoices

Notices and Penalties

Keep track of all compliance notices from GSTN on the dashboard. Reply to and resolve compliance notices

Integration with all popular accounting software

No manual data entry required. Import and export all data from/to existing accounting software in just a click of a button

Vendor Management

Add vendors and suppliers at a click of a button. Generate transactions reports per vendor. Reconcile invoices with Vendors for ITC calculations

Inventory Management

Manage inventory by receiving real time data about inventory levels through product, date and supplier by keeping track of purchases and sales

Ledger Maintenance

View the ledger balances, tax liabilities, cash and credit availability as per the GSTN on the KDK GST Software dashboard