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Auto-populate HSN & SAC code on the invoices with simple product/service name search option

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GST Invoicing

GST rules specify that each invoice of a business should contain certain fields like HSN/SAC code, tax split between IGST, CGST, SGST and UGST, vendor/purchaser GSTIN etc. With KDK GST Software, generate GST compliant invoices customised with your business logo, for each place of business within 60 seconds. Maintain all vendor and client contacts, keep track of pending invoice payments and reconcile them. Popular features include:

Automatic HSN & SAC Lookup

Auto-populate HSN & SAC code on the invoices with simple product/service name search option

Auto-find tax rates and calculate taxes

Auto-calculation of the CGST, SGST IGST, UGST and Compensation Cess amounts based on your product or service and the data provided and apply them to the invoice

Multiple Place of Business

Generate unique and customised invoices for each place of business under a single GSTIN. Apply taxes based on place of business and supply rules

Apply discounts as a percentage or as a number

Fill in the discount percentage or amount, generate auto calculated invoices with applicable GST and invoice amounts

Reconcile in seconds

Import banking transactions, reconcile purchase and supply invoices. Track input tax credits automatically

Document Series Management

Easily track and find invoices, debit notes, credit notes and all other documents in sequentially numbered and documented series

Set payment reminders, track payables and receivables

Maintain payables and receivables, send invoices to clients, manage customers, suppliers and products from a single dashboard

Customizable personal invoicing templates

Create invoice templates as per your needs, choose from a multitude of designs or create your own GST compliant, unique invoices

Universal Add Button

Hassle free navigation with Universal Add button on every page. Add clients at the click of a button from any page