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File all returns - GSTR1 to GSTR9 from a single dashboard without navigation hassles.

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GST Reporting

GST laws require timely filing of GST returns monthly, quarterly and annually. With GST software, file all your returns from GSTR1 to GSTR9 on time and accurately. Generate completed returns by importing data from your existing software, excel or invoices generated within the GST software, reconcile the invoices, validate the taxes, push to GSTN and eSign returns from the GST Software.

GST Software makes reporting easy with these features:

Import-Export data in a click

Import data from existing accounting software, export data to other ERPs, excel or other desired formats in a single click

ERP and Data Converters

Import sales and purchases data from the existing ERP in a GST compliant data format

Auto Population of Data

Data for returns is auto-populated from the invoicing and compliance modules. Modifications, if required, can be made

Identify data-mismatches

KDK GST software automatically identifies data mismatches in invoices and accounting records and provides a dashboard for easy reconciliation of the data

All returns from single dashboard

File all returns - GSTR1 to GSTR9 from a single dashboard without navigation hassles

Customised Reports

Generate tax reports, financial reports, top vendor reports, top clients report and many more in multiple formats in just a click of a button

Audit Trail

Audit trail of all activities performed in the KDK GST software provides an overview of accountability of all users in your business. Ensure zero error with a robust audit trail

Multi-GSTN Filing

Supports filing for businesses operating out of multiple states

Alerts for compliance reminders

Receive reminders through SMS and emails as per your choice, to meet compliance deadlines